Dr. George H Gale – CEO
Dr. Gale is a geological consultant with experience in North and South America and Europe. He is the President and CEO of several mineral exploration companies and has been involved in several exploration successes that have become mines. Prior to entry into the mineral exploration industry he was a mineral deposit researcher and published over 100 articles in various national and international publications. The experience he has gained in managing public and private companies will guide the Board in management and regulatory issues.

Arthur Seligman
Art W. Seligman is a co-founder and President of Gulf South. Mr. Seligman’s mandate is to direct the company’s efforts to recreate the success he experienced at PDC Energy, Inc. “PDCE”. Art joined PDC in 1984 as Director of Sales and Marketing. Through his efforts PDCE raised over $1.5 billion in drilling funds, and $300m in equity, and $900m in bonds, and grew PDC from a penny stock company to a New York Stock listed company with a valuation of over $1 billion. PDCE has oil and gas operations in the Appalachian Basin, the Rocky Mountains, the Permian Basin and Michigan and was added to the Russell 2000 Index of companies in 2003. Mr. Seligman is a frequent public speaker and serves as a Director of several natural resource companies.

Lionel Gosselin – President
Mr. Gosselin is an experienced entrepreneur, having owned numerous businesses and involved in direct sales. His varied background has helped him gain valuable knowledge and insights which can be applied to most any situation. He spent five years contracting his management services to DIAND and Department of Co-operative Development. Services provided was primarily as a turn around specialist, taking money losing retail operations to a profitable enterprise. This was accomplished with establishing policy and training management in operations. Additionally, he has owned a big three automotive dealership for almost a decade, established a window and door manufacturing facility which experienced exponential growth and expansion over six years until sold, adding valuable experience to his other ventures which included carpet and home décor sales outlet, grocery store and liquor vendor and restaurants.

His experience in building successful start ups, to owning and managing a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 20 employees will be a benefit to the Company. Mr. Gosselin has also provided various private and public Companies with Corporate and advisory services with a focus to enhance sales and growth.

Errol Gillespie – Vice President & COO
Errol Gillespie is an expert in farm management, leadership and the coffee industry.  Mr. Gillespie has studied farming throughout his life. Beginning work at an early age in the Jamaican Blue Mountain region provided him with practical hands-on experience, while his studies gave him a theoretical foundation in farm management and agronomy. After earning his Associates of Science in Farm Management and Agronomy, Mr. Gillespie began his professional career as an Agronomy Extension Officer with the Coffee Industry Board (CIB) in Jamaica. Over the last decade, he has repeatedly sought out new opportunities to introduce business ventures and programs to Jamaica, while maintaining strong relationships with key industry players.

John Schillinger
John Schillinger is a practicing accountant with a variety of accounting experiences, encompassing his own Management Company as well as other corporate entities and enterprises. In addition to his strong financial background he has extensive experience as a Manager holding a number of senior positions in private industry, some of which allowed him to gain valuable insight working alongside First Nations and Inuit peoples. For the past six years he has held the position of Treasurer on the Board of the Manitoba Lacrosse Hall of Fame& Museum. John is currently accounts manager for a large local private enterprise. John brings to the Board valuable experience with the administrative processes of past and current provincial statues.

Michael Mak
Michael Mak, is a businessman who has been involved in the growth of cannabis in Canada for the past 5 years. He has over 15 years in operational management. His experience in processing under the ACMPR regulatory framework has allowed him to vertically integrate his knowledge and skills in processing cannabis derivative products in compliance with the new Canadian Cannabis Act.  He has spent the past five years understanding the business of Cannabis through high-level consultations with Licensed Producers and License Dealers across Canada.