Namex Ventures Inc. is a joint venture partner with Gillespie Farmers Delight Company Limited (GFDCL) located in Jamaica. The partnership was formed to establish a world class, certified EU GMP lab and processing facility in Jamaica for craft hemp. This will be a seed to sale operation, with Namex controlling 100% of operations using their experienced Canadian operators who own a significant stake in Namex.

Namex has concluded a number of agreements to put this plan in action.

GFDCL President is
Mr. Errol Gillespie
Agronomist & Board of Director – Namex

GFDCL has arranged a lease purchase agreement on a 269 acre parcel of land suitable to grow hemp for CBD Oils. The plan is to put 240 acres into producing craft hemp. Plans include construction of a EU GMP certified facility to process the hemp biomass into finished 99.9% CBD distillates and isolates.

Namex Ventures is pleased to announce their partner in Jamaica, Gillespie Farmers Delight has received approval for cultivation of hemp in Jamaica

Land clearing for initial 25 acre site has commenced January 21, 2020

Before clearing

Before clearing

After clearing

After clearing


Jamaica has ideal climate for outdoor grow operations year round
High fertile soils for hemp
Potential of 4 crops per year
Low operation and labor costs to yield high ROI
Ability to scale with minimum cost, maintaining high ROI


Adopted Business model – Build a business with minimum shareholder dilution through debt financing. Focus on positive cash flow and ROI. Expansion will be through available cash flow, NOT excessive dilution. Grow organically both crops and business.

Formulation services will be provided to customers, as well as toll processing for other local growers. Finished CBD sales will be to global wholesale market, with white label and branding services of finished products available on demand.

All financial and corporate filings are available on SEDAR

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